Burberry Colognes for Guys

Published: 23rd June 2011
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While Burberry is a single of the best colognes for males, and it is also most regarded for its traditional tartan plaid accessories line, this British corporation also produces a cologne line for men. Burberry's cologne products for males started in 1981 with its traditional "Burberry Men" scent and has since spawned dozens of other scents, ranging from light and summery to b and woodsy. Here's a look at a couple of of Burberry's very best cologne scents for males.

This is the signature Burberry cologne scent. Burberry Traditional is an all-occasion scent that can go from the boardroom to the boardwalk. This masculine, innovative scent is woodsy with a hint of citrus and is suitable for males of all ages. Numerous bottle sizes are readily available, ranging from three.three ounce bottles and sprays to one. ounce bottles and sprays. The box is packaged in traditional Burberry red layout creating it excellent for gift-offering.

Like most Burberry colognes for males, Burberry Brit has a woodsy scent, despite the fact that it is really substantially lighter than their other fragrances. Scent notes incorporate cardamom, mandarin, ginger, wild roses, oriental woods, and nutmeg. Burberry Brit is an outstanding alternative for a guy who likes the traditional woodsy scents of men's colognes, but does not want anything at all too weighty or overpowering. Burberry Brit is packaged in a flask-formed glass bottle with the classic black tartan style for which Burberry is regarded.

Released in 2008, Defeat for Males by Burberry is an masculine, nonetheless clean scent that's great for sporting out to the clubs, bars, or a distinctive evening on the city. The cologne bottle features gunmetal accents with a trendy black tartan plaid style and design about mint green-colored glass. The Beat for Men is proper for 12 months-round use -- its light citrus scent make it usable in the springtime and its woodsy notes are fitting in the course of the winter season months.

A single glance at this cologne's notes and you'd feel Burberry Touch for Males is an overpowering, cloying, and b perfume. Even however Burberry Touch has the b musk, woods, and pepper notes, it is really a light scented cologne. The top rated notes are the crisper scents -- violet leaves and mandarin, whilst the bottom notes are the musk and woods scents. This cologne is an all-event scent that is suitable to use at the workplace or on the weekends.

Selecting the ideal cologne is a difficult shopping task. Burberry colognes provide anything to fulfill pretty much any man's tastes -- from the protected bets, these kinds of as Burberry Brit, to the far more unconventional choices, such as Burberry Summer time or discount mens cologne. Burberry has colognes ranging from light to b, covering virtually any situation.

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